Shanghai Zhedian Appliances Co., Ltd
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        Add: 3901 Nanting Road, European Industrial Park, Zhuanghang Town, Shanghai
        PC: 201400


        Core Values:

        Responsibility, Integrity, Cooperation, Innovation

        Business philosophy (Policy):

        Technology as Pioneer, Quality as the Main Line, Service as Foundation, Efficiency as Center

        Quality Policy:

        Broaden Market with Quality Products, Meet Customer with Sincere Service

        Safety Environmental Policy:

        Prevention First, Control Protection;

        Strengthen Supervision, Laws to Follow;

        Scientific Management, Continuous Improvement.

        People Oriented, Quality Improvement;

        Teamwork Training:

        To make all staff pull together and unite as one for one goal

        In the course of work, we should have everyone realize that we are a team and we are together, this culture is entrenched in the mind of everyone. Our culture is relative rigid, integrates the family culture and is the unique culture of our company. All the activities we have ever participated in are documented with photos and videos, and we will share them, and even take them out to enjoy the dribs and drabs that happened before and share our feeling and friendship, so that we can do things well happily.

        The core point of our company is that we will feel our grateful heart and thank our team, the society and all the people and customers that have ever helped up every morning.

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